Hi, welcome to Ozarksrider. This is a collection of things I find interesting, principally from my experiences. I hope you do too.


I’m a mid Missourian, transplanted to Southwest Missouri for school then stayed for work. I lived in and around Springfield Missouri for a couple of decades, moving to the Kansas City Missouri area ten years ago. I’ve traveled most of the United States, a bit of Canada, much of Europe, and a sliver of Mexico. These days most of my time is spent with my family,  work, and a motorcycle trip now and then.

Currently I live in the city itself with my wife, step-daughter, and our dog Wilbur. The four of us have many adventures, mostly between here and southwest Virginia by way of North Carolina.


The leaves are on the ground.

I’ve started the rework of Ozarksrider with the intentions of presenting content with more substance than a social media feed, or hashtag one liner.  I think this will be a great fit. All that said it’s finally fall here in Kansas City so time to get some yard work done. I’ll post again soon.


Well worn gloves are like old friends, familiar and comfortable. I’ll publish contact info soon as i’d like to hear from old friends, and folks who may become new ones.